Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Note on Comments

Not as if anyone ever comments (or reads, other than family), but I wanted to say something about comments. Early on, I switched over to a Haloscan commenting system. This was done primarily for the trackback features. Well, I find I don't use the trackback. It's a pain to use when posting, and I don't get linked to, so it's no value to me. And I prefer the look of Blogger's comment system anyway. And, Haloscan's last news update having been over a year ago doesn't help confidence much either. So, someday, when I have the spare time, I'll dig up my saved template, and modify things back to using the built-in commenting system. So, you know it's coming, just not exactly when. Note: Normally I'd link to Haloscan's website (link to the right somewhere), and to the post where I switched over in the first place, but it's late, I can barely type, this is my third post tonight, and I need to be in bed 30 minutes ago, so Good Night!

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