Wednesday, March 30, 2005

On Posting Frequencies

Well, when I started, I hoped to post every week minimum. However, as my track record shows, I'm doing good to hit once a month. Explanation: I'm not on my home computer much. Short Version: I suck at time management, and have so much to do when I get home from work (and do so little), that play on the computer is lucky to happen once a month. (I'm actually finding myself completely un-interested in computer projects that 2 years ago I would have pulled an all-nighter just to play with. I'm de-geeking.)I haven't played a computer game in months, and even then I couldn't make an hour of playtime in a sitting without becoming utterly bored. Long Version: Work keeps me swamped from clock-in to clock-out. And I stress out about it, because I always feel I should be getting things done faster then I am, and worry my bosses feel the same way. Home keeps me stressed for a million reasons, and I keep me stressed because I always just want to relax form work when I get home, eat and watch a movie with my wife, and then it's late and time to go to bed to get up late in the morning, still tired. I never do much around home. And a little wouldn't cut it, when I have a daughter who actively undoes things around home! :) So, I'm stressed all the time, even when I shouldn't be. And things I enjoy fall by the wayside, like reading e-mail & blogging, even getting on the computer. Not that long ago, I probably spent over 70% of my waking hours at a computer. A few years before that, and I'd bet over 90% of my waking free-time was spent at one. Now, I use one for work, and get on my home computer sometimes once a week for 70 minutes, if that. Not even enough to keep current with e-mail, much less begin to catch up on news, or anything else. Heck, I don't even answer my cell phone anymore (and it's the only phone I have, no home phone.) So, I'm still here, plodding away, and I'll try to keep writing, but it'll always be a lot less than I want, and more than I can spare time.

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