Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Maintenance Issues

Ok, My previous post was entered using the aforementioned e-mail posting system provided by Blogger. It works well enough that I will continue using, however the formatting comes out all screwy. I redid the previous post, but it came out with hard line breaks in weird places the first time.
I (finally) kept my promise, and removed the Haloscan commenting system, reverting to the built-in Blogger system instead. Anyone can post, you just have to pass a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Program to Tell Computers and Humans Apart, in case you were curious), to help fight blog spam.
Speaking of blog spam, it was in the news the other day, being called splog. Come on, splog? I thought spam was a bad name. Personally I would have gone with blam! But, I'm afraid my wife is right, it sounds too cool.
At the moment, the website stats service I was using has been down for many, many months. It was really good, and I keep hoping it'll re-open soon, and be better than ever! However, I may have to begin the search for a replacement. The point being, for the moment, I have no way of knowing how many visitors are stopping by. (Or if visitors are stopping by.)
Well, the weather is chilly, which doesn't happen too often here in Texas, so I'm off to bed to snuggle with my wife. G'Night!

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