Monday, November 14, 2005

Update Overdue

Well, I made, and immediately broke, my decision on weekly posting frequencies. It's just been one of those two week periods!

The whole family is sick. My wife is getting over it, but still feels it. Our kids are somewhere in the middle of it, and I'm just starting the cycle. It's some kind of cold/flu crud. I couldn't ever tell the difference between the two. Lots of congestion, and runny noses in the kids, sore throats, itchy ears, sore muscles all over, and a general lack of sleep. Fun for the whole family!

Looking down the road, I have a business trip coming up next year. A trip to Buffalo, NY, in January! People keep telling me I'm crazy, and that I'll hate it as soon as I step outside into a real winter. I've got mixed emotions about the trip. I'm pretty excited, because it'll be my first real business trip anywhere. I also enjoy flying a lot, and relish any excuse to do so. However, I'm not looking forward to going through the current hassle they call airport security these days.

My wife may get to come with me, maybe. I'm excited about that! I think she will have a blast. Unfortunately, I'm not sure she will get to come. We can't afford the ticket (my company will cover the room, car rental, and my plane ticket. My wife is permitted to come, but we pay for her ticket), so we were going to use some frequent flyer miles to get one. Or so we thought. I've cycled back and forth countless times now, between getting excited because she can go, and being bummed out because I found out she can't. If she gets to come, I'm gonna be ecstatic. She's never flown, never seen snow, and never been to another state before. The idea of getting to share all those firsts with her, and to have her along for some of my own (first business trip, first time to NY, first time driving in snow!) gets me all warm and cuddly inside. I think we'll have to bring some of her special hot chocolate along.

Well, I mentioned in my last post about looking for a traffic stat service for here, and guess what Google rolls out! They call it Google Analytics. It (optionally) ties in with the their Adwords program, so you may see a small one popping up here in the future. Maybe. I might decide that even a small one is too corporate for this website. Not that I've figured out my voice, or my audience yet. Just thinking aloud.

Well, that covers it for the moment.

-- Madasi

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  1. Yay!!!! I get to fly!!!! Its all set. We get to go!!! I am soooooo happy.... Yay!!!!