Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reflection Moment

So, I just finished doing something I could have sworn I'd never do. Driving 20 min both ways to go retrieve my daughter's "blankie" which had been left at Grandmom's house.

Now, I don't have a problem with my daughter having a security blanket. I think it's pretty cute in fact. She isn't actually dependent on it, and will happily go places without it. However, if she hurts herself seriously, or gets really tired and cranky, then she goes looking for it.

Therein lies the reason I went off to retrieve it. Because while she could have gone to sleep without it, that would involve some crying, and some whining, and general unpleasantness. And so, while I once imagined I'd never do such a thing, because I'd never spoil my kids that much, I found myself realizing that it makes lot of sense to just go get it, and keep everyone happy. Besides, I really hate making my daughter cry!

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