Friday, March 24, 2006

Juggling Miscellany

Ok, so I sent this link to a friend of mine who juggles. It's a video of a juggler called Chris Bliss doing a three ball act synchronized to some music in front of an audience. I shoulda guessed he'd probably already heard of it.

However, he was nice, and responded with links to this video and this rant regarding the original video clip.

So I read the rant, watched the second video, and then watched that video & the Chris Bliss video side by side at the same time. :) What, I'm a nerd, it's what I do!

I see what the rant's author means. I thought the Chris Bliss video was cool when I first saw it, however I also remember wondering how close he came to dropping the balls several times, and wondering how many times he had to practice the routine to make it through. If you watch his facial expression, there is more than once he looks sure he is about to lose control. I also remember thinking that some of the moves looked really awkward and/or painful. These seem to be most of Jason's main points regarding the video, as well as that a 3 ball routine can easily be synced to just about any random piece of music.

I have to admit that in the video, Jason Garfield looked a lot more relaxed and natural doing the juggling moves, and never looked on the verge of losing control.

Of course, in the end, I've never juggled before, and know nothing about it, so this is all purely my opinion. Except I do know that you would need 0 hands to juggle just one ball! (It's juggling humor.)

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