Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sit Heer O' Site O'r There!

Our daughter, now a few months past 2 years old, has become quite the little mimic. Last night, she insisted on standing between us and the television to eat her dinner. We told her to sit down many times, which usually caused her to sit right where she was, momentarily, until she wanted another bite to eat.

Of course, her chair was nearby, but she didn't want to sit in it at the time. Finally, getting frustrated, I told her to either sit in her chair, or sit in the big person's chair (the recliner), pointing at each location as I said it. She then echoed my words right back, in her two year old vocabulary. "Sit here or sit over there!", she said very seriously, pointing helpfully.

Her mother began laughing hysterically, at which point Isabelle came up with her solution, and moved her chair to exactly where she had initially been standing, and proceeded to sit down in it. This sent her mother out of the room in fits of laughter.

I tell you, this whole parenting thing is really interesting. It's a ton of work, but it's definitely got it's moments you can't get anywhere else, and the kids double as living tape recorders!

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