Saturday, June 10, 2006


I'm gonna make this quick, since it is late. Things haven't been going the greatest of late. About two months ago, I was laid off from my job. I've been job hunting ever since. It's been tough, and I've been getting really depressed at times.

There wasn't any advance warning, I showed up on a Monday, worked like normal, and as I was getting ready to leave around 5:10PM, was informed I was being let go because my position couldn't be afforded in the budget any longer, and I could take a few minutes to gather my stuff from my desk, and please leave my access card. This brings up one of my long standing irritations, why is an employee expected to give 2 weeks notice, and frequently penalized for not doing so, but a company almost never shows the same courtesy.

Anyway, I've hit rock bottom fairly hard. I let my pride ("I'm not going to be unemployed for long at all.") Prevent me from applying for unemployment until this week, even though we have hit some financial difficulties. We weren't making on my salary alone, which is why my wife started working a while back. Now we are on just her salary, which isn't cutting it either.

However, I've started trying to turn things around, in all areas of my life. I'm working on losing my weight, and getting back into shape. To that end, you, and anyone else who wants to, can check on my progress right here. What better pressure than having the whole world see your diet log, right?

Well, I have more to say, however I will save it for another time. Good Night!

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