Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ok, last time I checked in, I mentioned my new scale, but didn't tell you which one it was. I got the Tanita HD372, and I still love it. I was a little suprised, but Fry's had a couple of them in stock when I went to look, so I didn't even have to order it online.

Last month, August, was a bit rough. Seeing my weight go flying back over 300 hit me hard. I tried to keep with my rhythm, and thought I was doing ok, but the numbers didn't agree. It's a vicious cycle. Seeing my weight gain would get me down, and when down, one of my comfort mechanisms is eating. On top of this little mini-drama, I had a lot of external pressures dragging me down emotionally as well.

However, it is now well into September. We have done the majority of our travelling for the month, and I'm committed to getting my line back below 300, and back on track to my goal. That goal, by the way, is 195lbs. I had it planned to get there by my birthday next year, however that date may change since I discovered my true weight.

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