Monday, October 09, 2006

Green Up!

So, my weight, which I post online over at PhysicsDiet, is finally coming back down. For about a week now I've been all green, which means I've been losing weight over

  • a one week period
  • a 30 day period
  • and the entire time I've been recording my weight.

In addition to that, I'm also re-nearing 300 pounds with my average weight, which is a pretty big milestone for me. I feel like I'm starting to get things moving in the right direction again, my chart is beginning do dip nicely, and more importantly, consistently. Now, to get the rest of my life under control! Not that it ever was to begin with.


  1. way to go babe! You are doing great.

  2. Good job! //Gives pat on the back.// I'll be happy when I'm a completely, naturally hairless, muscular supermodel with washboard abs.