Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Chalain has created an incredible verbal analogy over at his LiveJournal page talking about Windows Vista. Chalain is a good friend of Howard Taylor, creator & genius behind Schlock Mercenary, one of my absolute favorite webcomics, and also home of some of my favorite movie reviews as well. Howard linked to Chalain's writeup, which is high praise in and of itself, so I read it. Wow, was it good!

Chalain did a fantastic job, evoking detailed images rich with subtext to illustrate his impressions of this new operating system, and the feelings it brings out in users. Reading how he keeps returning to the theme of how pretty it is almost makes me want to try it, but that would require a new computer, so it isn't going to be happening. However, speaking as someone who just got Beryl up on running on his laptop, that is really saying something.

I also find myself envious of the writing style. The way he shapes the words, molds the sentences, and arranges everything into a cohesive whole just leaves me in awe. I tend to be a logical personality, and find almost all creative endeavors to be very difficult. However, that doesn't mean I can't recognize & appreciate beauty in form when I see it. Then again, maybe if I wrote more often, I'd find myself getting better at it?

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