Thursday, January 25, 2007

OTM Extensions

There will of course be lesser used variations of the OTM interval.

The MTO interval is for when a device is un-impressive at first, but you later discover something about it that really changes your opinion of it. This will be a very subjective measurement, and therefore be much more difficult to quantify and measure.

There will also be a MTOTM interval, measuring the time from getting an un-impressive device, discovering something cool about it, and then deciding that the device is still pretty lame afterall.

This Post has an OTM rating of 2 days.

So, in conversation today, we created the OTM rating scale for new technology. This is how long from the time of purchase it takes for your opinion of the item to go from Ooh! to Meh! This should be a required statistic listed for all new devices. This was discovered while playing with a POS at work. (That's Point-of-Sale, keep it clean!) I discovered an unlocking lever on the monitor, and said Ooh! I then played with it, and discovered that it was already at the best position, the others were horrible, prompting a Meh!. We then observed that it took about two seconds to go from Ooh to Meh, and the OTM rating was born!