Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Gone in 20 Minutes: using laptops to steal cars

From Digg

A look at how thieves are using laptops to steal the most expensive luxury cars. Many of these cars have completely keyless ignitions and door locks, meaning it can all be done wirelessly. Thieves often follow a car until it gets left in a quiet area, and they can steal it in about 20 minutes. Scary stuff.

You'd think someone, somewhere would have learned by now that software can and will be broken, especially when it is protecting something of value. There was a report a while back on "smart fasteners", basically bolts & screws that can be unlocked by computer. The uses mentioned sounded interesting, but the article had the same "it can't be broken because we know what we are doing" tone that is just evident of a lack of touch with reality. I'll look for the link to post later.

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