Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kiddo Quote

So, a while back, we had bought the kids a small treat of some kind, a snack size bag of cookies I think. So, on my day at home with them, I gave them each one, then closed the bag and set it down. So, several minutes later, my daughter walks into the room where I was folding some clothes, hands me the bag, and asks if she can have another one.

I pick the bag up, and being looking at the nutritional information on it. She asks me what it says, so I start reading some of it aloud. Things like serving size, calorie count, etc. She gets this very serious, disappointed sound in her voice, and says, "Oh, man."
"What?", I asked, "Do you know what any of that means?"
"It means I won't get any more."

So cute I almost cried.

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